Arpin UK Chats About The Olympics

Q: Natalie, what’s it like to have the Olympics hosted so close to you?

A:  It’s an incredible time for any Brit to have the Olympics hosted in the capital city.  It’s likely to be the only Olympic Games most Britons will experience on home soil within their lifetime. The Olympic Games has the biggest audience in the world and being so close to this spectacular event has provided an overwhelming opportunity to be a part of crowds soaking in the excitement, drama, and atmosphere of the fantastic build up to the Games and watching the athletes shed blood, sweat and tears to earn their medals. It’s truly been an amazing experience to be able to share the buzz. The event itself has been so well managed by the volunteers, police force, and army that they must also be recognized as heroes of the games as commuting into and around London has been a breeze.

Q: How are the Olympics affecting your office? Any difference when it comes to traffic, etc?

A: We had prepared for the worst case scenario and with the opening of the Olympic ceremony, we were all bracing ourselves for the challenge, but with the carefully laid plans and procedures set in place to offset any logistical nightmares caused by the Games, lanes and road restrictions moving during the Olympic period has gone without a hitch so far! Heed has been taken to all the advanced warnings of which areas and routes to avoid and if anything, the traffic has been quieter as spectators, the media, tourists, and even the athletes have taken to using public transport, traveling on foot and using the river boat service on the Thames.

Q: What’s the coolest thing that you’ve seen regarding the Olympic Games?

A: Other than pink being chosen as the brand colour for the Olympics to signify unity, friendship, warmth, and wellbeing and Britain having its best haul of gold since 1908 (winning 22 gold medals so far), some of the coolest things has to be:

  • The Queens involvement in the Olympic Opening Ceremony which was kept top secret before the night. Viewers saw images of the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter alongside Daniel Craig’s James Bond and landing into the Olympic stadium where she appeared to take her seat at the spectacle. This really gave it that ‘wow factor’.
  • American swimmer Ryan Lochte wore a $25,000 diamond and ruby encrusted American flag grill when he went to collect his gold medal.

Thank you Natalie for the info and we’re happy that everything has gone smoothly so far! Let’s hope for the same during the Paralympics. If you’d like more info on the Olympic Games, you can visit