Arpin Group Returns To Its Family’s Roots, Announces The Formation Of “Arpin Coal & Ice Lines”

Today, we’re proud to announce that Arpin Group is getting back to the family’s roots with the opening of Arpin Coal & Ice Lines!

“It’s an exciting time at Arpin. To be able to go back to where we started and deliver coal and ice again…the opportunities are endless,” said David Arpin, President & CEO of Arpin Group.

New trailers will be equipped with state-of-the-art climate control features so that the ice can remain frozen during delivery. It’s expected that the bulk of the coal & ice business will take place during the summer.

“People all over the country have barbeques during the summer time and we know there will be an immediate need for coal and ice. And we all know that grilling is so much better with coal. There’s no doubt about that!”

To fill this need, an app is currently being developed so that anyone can order coal and/or ice at the push of a button.

Have no fear, household goods moving operations will still continue while this new venture is underway.

We felt that this day, April 1, would be the best day to announce this news. To our knowledge, there’s nothing else that happens on this day that people will remember. However, we’re confident that people will always associate April 1 with the creation of the great Arpin Coal & Ice Lines.

Oh that’s right, isn’t today also April Fools’ Day?