Arpin’s National Moving Month Trivia Contest Returns!

The questions will be a mixture of statistics from the moving industry and/or about Arpin. While some questions may be easy, others will take research to find the right answer.

“In the past, we’ve held trivia contests where the person who answers it first wins. It gave people an unfair advantage if they just so happen to be checking Facebook at the time, so we wanted to find a way to make it more inclusive. Whether the person answers the question in the morning or at night, everyone has an equal shot to win, provided they answer the question correctly,” said Chris Kunzmann, Agency Marketing Coordinator, who oversees the contest.

The contest is open to the general public, owner-operators, and members of Arpin’s agency family and their employees. However, Arpin’s corporate employees are unable to participate and win prizes.

Ready to test your knowledge? Check in to our Facebook page here and answer for your chance to win!