Arpin Group Takes On The 2015 EcoChallenge

There were eight main categories where challenges could be selected:

  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Food Options
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Trash Reduction
  • Civic Engagement
  • Connect With Earth
  • Choose Your Own

All participants were asked to login each day to record their progress. The more check-ins recorded, the more points that were awarded. Points were then used as part of a raffle at the conclusion of the event.

It was the first year that Arpin Group got involved and out of 310 teams, Arpin finished 46th in membership (22) and 51st in points (1160). Great job team!

An event like this is something every company and person should get involved in. Those that participated from Arpin really took a good look at their current habits and how they could be adjusted to benefit the environment. You’d be surprised about all the little things that can be done, whether it’s the way you tackle daily tasks around the house or simple changes to your diet. All can have a lasting positive impact on our environment. We strongly encourage you to join the challenge next year!

To further illustrate how collectively small actions can add up to real change and to learn more about the event as a whole, click here.