April Showers Bring… Flooding

Flooding is a stressful aspect when it comes to owning a home, especially if a building is located at the base of a hillside or valley. It’s a factor that can be overlooked during the process of committing to a home; it may not be until there is substantial rainfall for it to be identified as a recurring problem. The same result can occur after considerable snowfall takes place and the snow begins to melt, making this time of year notorious for water damage.

Decker Home Services, LLCoffers a helpful guide that raises awareness about basement flooding and the steps that should be taken to prevent future flooding. Their page discloses the following:

·     An explanation of water tables, cross-sectional diagram included

·     The difference between water flooding and water seeping

·     The workings behind sump pumps

Here is to wishing all homeowners the very best as they tackle any floods during this wet season. At Arpin, we begin to focus on the “… brings May flowers” part of the rhyme as we approach the moving industry’s most exciting time of year! Discover who your local Arpin agent is and reach out to them today to start planning your next adventure.