An International Women’s Day Reflection

For example, the United Nations IWD theme, “Time is Now,” sparked awareness for urban women who are left behind in many areas of development, specifically within countries ranked highly in the UN Gender Inequality Index. May we acknowledge areas where there is still work left to be done as we observe the advancements that have been made thanks to our predecessors.

Historically speaking, the holiday that applauds women and all that they have achieved is a relatively new occasion. During the past century alone, breakthroughs have been made in regard to women gaining the right to vote, having stronger voices in the workforce, and in general gaining greater respect socially. There are courageous groups of women who made this possible by risking it all by asserting themselves for another generation.

Over 100 years ago in the early twentieth century, some of the first organized protests that promoted the welfare of women occurred. The majority of these events were held in honor of women’s suffrage and safer working conditions during the era of the Industrial Revolution. These early demonstrations paved the way for what we know as the modern International Women’s Day.

Since those times, appreciation for women and a better understanding for equality have been established. We are proud and look forward to the continuation of the progression of equal rights for women in the workforce, and wish to take a moment to reflect on the dedication of the female workforce who represent Arpin Van Lines. Thank you, ladies, for your commitment to ensuring the highest quality of satisfaction for our customers.