AMSA Releases Issue Two of Industry Trends

California cities top the list with housing that is too expensive for most families. With average families earning just over $100,000 in San Francisco, less than a third of houses in that city are affordable at that income level.

By contrast, many towns in the Midwest have plenty of affordable housing, even with lower average family incomes. For example, the average home in Mansfield, Ohio costs about $75,000, just over the average annual income level in that community. As a result, 98% of the homes in that town are affordable for the average resident.

When it comes to migration patterns, Alaska and Oregon are at the top of the inbound list, while people are leaving New Jersey and Kansas. States in the middle of the country seem to be on the outbound list, along with the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area, while the states on the inbound list are generally on the coasts.

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