A Sustainable Summer

Awareness for adopting sustainable lifestyles has increased within recent years, especially with the popular anti-straw moment, which has been trending nationwide. In addition to banning single-use straws, many restaurants and stores have eliminated plastic bags and replaced them with paper ones, while some shoppers choose to avoid them altogether by using personal reusable totes.

Green Mountain Energy has a list of other ways to adopt sustainable habits here. Their article touches upon ways to conserve water and electricity during the hottest months, all while grilling your food to perfection without contributing to the carbon footprint. Speaking of food, why not learn how to start your very own sustainable garden by following the steps in our previous blog post?

The damage being done to our environment can be halted, and with effort, eventually reversed; this all begins with companies choosing greener options. The choices that Arpin makes as a renewable company contributes to the expansion of the green economy. As we continue to spread the message of sustainability, we encourage you to choose us, as we are a van line with green move benefits!