Arpin Attends The 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show

The MATS, which were held from March 21-23, invited people from all over to check out a wide range of companies that are involved in the trucking industry. It also gave owner-operators the ability to showcase their trucks, which was done inside and outside of the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Agency Marketing Coordinator Chris Kunzmann, 2011 Driver of the Year John Southall, and his wife Shannon, ran the Arpin booth for the show. The main purpose was to recruit owner-operators, company drivers, and even agency drivers. We asked Chris what he thought about the event.

“We met a lot of great people while we were there. Drivers were very interested to hear more about Arpin and their families loved the giveaways that we had at the booth. Having John and Shannon there was a huge asset to the company because they were able to give first hand testimonials about the benefits of being a part of the Arpin team.”

As Chris mentioned, Arpin is actively recruiting for more drivers. If you or someone you know is interested, check out