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Furniture Donation Pickup Ideas

If you’re gearing up for a move, there’s a good chance there’s a good amount of furniture you’ll be relocating and taking with you. However, whether you’re downsizing to a new smaller space, or just don’t want to take certain pieces for you, odds are there are some furniture pieces you don’t want to take […]

Moving to the West Coast? Tops for First Time Home Buyers

Movers in Orange County

First time buying a new home? First time living on the west coast? Now is a very exciting time as you look for the perfect place for you, but it’s important to be well-researched and well prepared for the process of looking for and buying a home on the West Coast before you jump in […]

Tips for Moving with Pets

a cat and a dog laying in the grass

Are you planning a move, and worried about how to keep your pet safe, secure, and well-adjusted to not only the process itself, but also your new home? Being worried about how your pet will adjust to things is actually a good thing, believe it or not – it shows you care and that you’ll […]

How to Claim Moving Expenses as Tax Deductions

Though it might not be your first thought, there are a lot of things that taxes and moving have in common. They’re both annoying, inconvenient, and expensive to do all by yourself. However, as we all know, neither process has to be particularly arduous or expensive for you, especially if you’re hiring the right professionals […]

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